YPG: Turkish army killed six Kurdish children and three women in Gire Spi

GIRE SPI (ANF) – YPG Press Office reported in a written statement that Turkish army and Jihadist groups continue their attacks on Rojava.

According to YPG report, Turkish troops targeted and opened random fire on the civilians in Kuheyla village of Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) in the evening of September 26. While six children and three women were killed as a result of the aggression, YPG units intervened the scene and rescued 4 civilians under fire. The aggression by Turkish soldiers did not allow the YPG fighters to retrieve the bodies of slain civilians.

On the other hand, ISIS terrorists attacked the village of Qadriyê, to the southeast of the Tishreen Dam in Kobanê, with heavy weapons at noon on September 26.

In the meantime, gang groups affiliated to the Syrian National Coalition launched an attack targeting the Qemiyê village in Shera disrict of Efrîn with mortars and heavy weapons yesterday, YPG said.