Report: The diary of Turkish terror in northern Syria

Following the failure of the Turkish project, which had been based on supporting
Islamist extremist groups, such as Daesh and the heroic resistance of the People’s
Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on 24/08/2016
Turkish troops violated the sovereignty of the Syrian state, a member of the United
Nations, and occupied part of its territory by force. This action is a violation of the
Charter of the United Nations and all international treaties and laws.
This blatant intervention, under the pretext of fighting terrorism in co-ordination
with some radical Islamist extremist groups, such as Daesh, which handed over the
city of Jerablus to them, is, in fact, aimed at fighting the Kurds and all other
components in northern Syria. It also stands against the democratic federal project,
proposed by the Democratic Self-Administration, as well as the international
campaign against terrorism.

The invading forces have committed massacres against dozens of unarmed civilians
in the southern part of Jerablus, using all kinds of weapons and heavy artillery,
especially in Baer Kusa, Sarysat, Alerellat and Al Kharba, Shaiokh villages and Al

Military Groups Entered with Turkish Troops

The largest 2 groups were: (1) The Sham Legion and (2) Sultan Murad Division –
both fully supported by the Turkish army directly. In addition to the abovementioned
groups, the Syrian Turkmen Front, the National Council of Turkmen,
which carried blue coats of arms on their shoulders during the raid, and the Turkestan
Battalion were also part of the military operation. The Turkestan Battalion is a group
of Turkmen fighters closely linked to the Turkish intelligence, MiT.
It is noteworthy to mention that members of Ahrar Al Sham and Al Nusra Front also
participated in the invasion hiding within Sultan Murad Division, concealing their
real identity to avoid antagonizing the west and the Americans.

The following groups participated in the military operation:

1. Sultan Mohamed Al Fateh Brigade.
2. First Infantry Division.
3. Wa’atsemo Be Habel Allah Brigade.
4. Ahrar Al Bab.
5. A’aseft Al Shamal (North Storm).
6. Fasteqam Kama Amert Group.
7. Sultan Abdel Hamid Brigade.
8. Jaish Al Sunna (Al Sunna Army).
9. Al Shamal (North) Army.
10.Al Hamza Division.
11.Souqoor Al Jabel Battalions.
12.The Military Council of Al Bab City.
13.Ahrar Munbij Brigades.
14.Jaish Al Tahrir (Liberation Army).
15.Nouraldin Zanki Movement.
16.First Regiment.
17.Al Safowa Battalions.
18.Ahrar Al Sharqiya Brigade.
19.Mujahdeen Army.
20.Al Jabha Al Shamiyeh.
21.Hewar Kilis Operations Room.

Al Jabha Al Shamiyeh is one of the groups that are fighting within Ahrar Al Sham,
which is part of Al Fateh Army that is led by Al Nusra Front – the Syrian arm of Al
Qaeda. Hewar Kilios Operations Room is based in Antakya city in Turkey and
receives orders directly from the MiT. Some of these groups fight against the Kurds
in Aleppo. They have bombed and shelled Kurdish neighbourhoods in Aleppo, such
as Shaikh Maqsood, using locally made mortars known as Hell Cannon in addition
to snipers, who have killed many innocent civilians.

The following report, by a journalist (Serdar Mella Derwish) shows the heavy
bombardment of Shaikh Maqsood neighboured in Aleppo by the Syrian Turkmen
Front on 13/04/2016. They used rockets with Turkish letters and words written on
in addition to a Turkish flag covering the cannon. Turkish music can be heard in the
background as well.

On 13/05/2016, Amnesty International published a report, Syria Armed Opposition
Groups Committing War Crimes in Aleppo City, exposing the abuses committed by
Sultan Murad Division and Al Sham Legion in Shaikh Maqsoud neighbourhood in

Al Sham Legion

Al Sham Legion is a coalition of Islamist groups. Most of its members belong to the
Muslim Brotherhood Movement. It is also known as Homs Legion because most of
its members are from that region. This coalition was established on 26/04/2015
under the name of Fateh Halab Operations Room. Following its withdrawal from Al
Fatah Army, which includes Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda in Syria) and Ahrar Al Sham,
Al Sham Legion announced that it was merging with 8 other groups to establish a
bloc called, the Northern Brigade.

On 24/08/2016, Al Sham Legion published a video, which shows an interview with
their members, hours before raiding Jerablus city. One of the interviewees said
(minute 20:1): “We will never stop only in Ain Al Islam [the name Daesh terrorist
use for Kobani].” This is a clear indication that members of Al Sham Legion were
also members of Daesh. It seems that many members of Daesh have joined Al Sham

The following video shows members of those militant groups brutally torturing SDF

Military Use of Children

The following pictures were posted on Twitter showing a child, member of Al Sham
Legion, carrying a Kalashnikov and wearing al Qaeda headband.

Islamic Ahrar Al Sham Movement

This movement was established in 2011 following a union between four groups:
Ahrar Al Sham Brigades, the Islamist Dawn Movement, the Islamist Vanguard
Group and Al Iman Brigades. It claims to be independent and not affiliated to Al
Qaeda or the Free Syrian Army (FSA). It joined the Islamic Front and most of its
members are from Aleppo and Idlib.
The founder of this movement is Hassan Al Aboud, known as Abu Abdullah Al

Members of this movement slaughtered Jaish Al Thuwar fighters in the battles of
Meng Airport and the city of Til Rifaat.

Nouraldin Zanki Movement

This movement was formed in late 2011. It was founded and led by Sheikh Tawfiq
Shahabuddin, from Qitan Al Jabal area south-west of Aleppo. He is a member of the
Muslim Brotherhood Movement and is the mastermind behind the attacks on Afrin.
He travels to Turkey on a regular basis. The Turkish state assigned him the task of
attacking and besieging Afrin.

The following video shows member of this movement slaughtering a Palestinian
child from Al Quds Brigade, a pro-Syrian regime group, near Handraat area in
Aleppo on 20/07/2016.

Al Mujahideen Army

This group was closely linked to al-Khurasan organisation, and swore allegiance to
the terrorist organisation, Daesh, in the beginning. It later joined Al Nusra Front,
which changed its name to Fateh Al Sham Front. Following Al Nusra’s name
change, many members of Al Nusra split and joined Al Mujahideen Army.
Currently, there is an ongoing negotiation between Al Mujahideen Army and Al
Qaeda to announce that Al Mujahideen Army is to formally join Al Qaeda and
become its Syrian branch instead of Al Nusra Front. In the battle of Jerablus, many
members of Al Nusra Front and Ahrar Al Sham Movement were within the ranks of
Al Mujahideen Army.

Sultan Mohamed Al Fateh Brigade

It is a military group, established in Aleppo and is active in northern Aleppo. It is
directly supported by the Turkish state.

Al Hamza Division

It was formed from the following groups: Al Hamza Brigade, Zi Qar Brigade, Ra’ad
Al Shamal Brigade, Mara’a Al Samoud Brigade and Special Tasks Brigade. Al
Hamza Brigade is particularly active in southern Hasaka and includes battalions of
the so-called Free Syrian Army, which belongs to the General Staff of the Eastern
Front. It currently participates in the Turkish occupation of Jerablus.

Jaish al Shamal (the Northern Army)

Following the resignation of Major Yasser Abdel Rahim from the leadership of
Mara’a Operations Room (in northern Aleppo), he then moved to work in southern
Aleppo with the FSA, the Northern Army was established. It, together with Jaish Al
Fatah, attacked Afrin and other areas in Aleppo. It currently participates in the
Turkish army occupation of Jerablus.

Wa’atsemo Be Habel Allah Group

It consists of the following groups: Al Gharabaa Brigade, Al Saif Al A’amri
Brigades, Nossor Dimashq Brigades and Men of Qalmaon. The Group was the first
to announce the start of the battle of Jerablus and called it, Al Fateh Al Mubain. The
Group is a member of the armed groups that occupy Jerablus together with the
Turkish army.

Fasteqam Kama Amert Group

It is a militant group, established on 26/04/2015. It operates within the joined Fateh
Aleppo Operations Room together with 14 other militant groups. Currently, it joined
the Turkish army in occupying Jerablus.

Turkish Army Massacres Committed Against Unarmed Civilians
Together with all the above-mentioned groups, the Turkish army have committed
massacres in Jerablus and nearby villages, such as Al Helwaniyeh, Baer Kousa, and
Sarysat. Civilians were the primary targets of the Turkish army during its campaign
inside Syria. Hundreds of innocent people lost their lives, especially in Baer Kousa
on 26/08/2016.

In Sarysat village, 14 people were killed by the Turkish army:

1. Husam Jamal Othman (child).
2. Juna Jamal Othman (child).
3. Hisham Jamal Othman (child).
4. Jamal Othman.
5. Munira Othman.
6. Abdel Fatah Othman.
7. Shaha Othman.
8. Hasan Mohamed Othman.
9. Raqia Mohamed Ali Othman.
10.Hafiza Ali Othman.
11.Hussain Ali Othman.
12.Mohamed Osama Ali Othman.
13.Asma Ali Othman.
14.Mohamed Ali Mohamed Yousef (child).
Al Kherba Village:
1. Jassim al Mohamed Al Faraj.
2. Hussain Hamoud.
Al Shaioukh Village:
1. Mahmoud Al Barhaoi Ali.
Al Amarneh Village:
1. Jasim Mustafa Jasim.
2. Saleem Maher Al Ismail.
3. Mustafa Mohamed Jasim.
4. Abdel Rahim Al Mustafa.
5. Sabiha Hafez.
6. Aqeel Abdel Rahim Al Mustafa (child).
7. Muna Abdel Rahim Al Mustafa (child).

On 24/08/2016, The Turkish army committed a massacre in Al Helwanieh village
(8km south of Jerablus) and killed 20 people, most of them children and women. In
addition, 25 people (4 members of Al Derbas family) lost their lives in Jerablus street
inside the city of Jerablus.