Kurdish worker burned to death by his Turkish co-workers in Istanbul

ISTANBUL (KDN) – A Kurdish worker on the construction site of Istanbul’s third airport has been murdered by immolation after being locked in a room that was set on fire by an unidentified Turkish co-workers, according to reports.

A brawl erupted between Mehmet Aytaç, a 36-year-old from the southeastern Kurdish province of Diyarbakır, and his co-worker during the day for some reasons related to his Kurdish origin.

The fight was broken up by the other employees at the construction site. The unidentified Turkish worker, however, subsequently poured gasoline on Aytaç as he was sleeping while everyone else was also asleep, according Turkish media.

He then ignited the gasoline, resulting in Aytaç being burned to death.

His dead body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy before being taken to Diyarbakır, while the gendarmerie has launched an investigation into the incident.

The worker who killed Aytaç surrendered to the gendarmerie in Istanbul’s Kemerburgaz district and said in his testimony that the fight erupted between Aytaç and him over “a woman.” Which was not the case according Evrensel another Turkish daily in the country.

It was determined that Aytaç called his brother a while ago and told him that he was not comfortable working at the site, daily Evrensel reported.

“I’m not comfortable here. They don’t like me being from the southeast and they ostracize me,” he reportedly told his brother, Suphi Aytaç.

Speaking about the incident, Suphi Aytaç stressed that the incident was politically motivated.

“They burned him using six liters of gasoline. They were isolating my brother just because he was from the southeast and Kurdish,” he told Evrensel, adding that he expected the state to punish the perpetrators in the harshest way possible.

“This is not humanity,” he added.

Meanwhile, officials from the Transportation Ministry and Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) commented on the incident, with the former saying that they had no information regarding it.