Kurds bid farewell to fallen American heroes in Rojava

American heroes fallen in Manbij

DERİK (KDN) – Hundreds of Kurds from Qamishlo, Derik and Girke Lege have bid farewell today to the fallen American fighters of Kurdish YPG. The bodies of three YPG fighters from America were crossed into South Kurdistan following a ceremony held at Semelka border crossing on the Tigris River.

Three American heroes of Kurdish forces lost their lives while fighting Turkey-backed ISIS terror group in Manbij. The convoy carrying bodies of fallen fighters crossed into South Kurdistan on Monday afternoon and headed to Erbil International Airport from where they will be flown home.

According to Derik-based Kurdish Martyrs office, Andrew Jordan from Colorado, Well Savaje from Maris and Levi Jonathan Shirley from Navada joined Kurdish forces in early 2015.

A dozen of international fighters who fought ISIS terrorists alongside Kurds in Rojava lost their lives in the course of last two years.