Turkish MIT assassinates Jarablus Military Council Commander

MANBIJ (KDN) – Jarablus Military Council General Commander Abdulsetar El-Cadiri was killed by Turkish MIT members in northern Manbij.

The Council has declared its establishment in a press statement earlier today and promised to liberate Jarablus from ISIS and Turkey backed jihadists.

The commander warned Turkey not to intervene in Jarablus with its proxy jihadists and if it tries despite the warning they would fight them in the city, the statement said.

About 3 hours after the press conference two Turkish MIT members who disguised as local Arabs tried to assassinate him. El-Cadiri, who was seriously injured in the attempt lost his life in a hospital.

2 MIT members who played role in the assassination of Jarablus Military Council Commander were captured by Council’s fighters and are being interrogated.

The Council is expected to make a statement in the coming hours.