New footage shows Kurdish forces destroying Turkish tanks and armored vehicles in Uludere

ULUDERE (KDN) – Kurdish Gerilla TV has released footage of an action conducted by Kurdish forces against Turkish military on August 10. 14-minute long video shows Kurdish fighters simultaneously hitting the Hill Yekmal outpost and a Turkish military convoy moving on 2. Habur road in Uludere district of Şırnak province.

In a statement on August 12, HPG stated that one military vehicle in the convoy was hit and destroyed, and the soldiers trying to intervene the scene were also shot. On the other hand, Kurdish forces destroyed a tank stationed on a hill securing the road.

The reinforcement units were also hit as the Hill Yekmal outpost was simultaneously targeted by guerrillas with mortars.

HPG uludere habur 2 attack2

HPG said 15 soldiers were killed and many others were wounded as a result of the attacks, during which 4 guerrillas were martyred.