Ready for Frequency 2016?

VIENNA (KDN) – Frequency Festival 2016 kicks off on Thursday at Green Park in St. Poelten/Austria. More than one hundred bands will take stage during 3-day Rock’N’Roll show. The headliners are Limp Bizkit, Bring Me the Horizon, Sportfreunde Stiller, Manu Chao, Deichkind, Parov Stelar, Massive Atack.

With only one day left to go, you’re likely running around, looking for what you should take with you, ready to move to Green Park for the next few days.

There’s always going to be something you forget, whether as simple as a shampoo or as annoyingly obvious as a charger.

For a perfect Frequency don’t forget to pack the following essentials

1 – Tent. A tent is a must for a Music Festival of four days. If you haven’t packed a tent yet then you need to continue looking around and dig the house until you find your tent. Don’t leave without it.

2 – Sleeping bag. This item will surely make your nights into comfortable ones after long and tiring days with loud music and partying.

3 – Roll mat. A sleeping bag without a roll mat means hard ground and cold and sleepless nights.

4 – Pillows. Before heading to Green Park in St. Poelten, visit an IKEA store to buy a cheap pillow.

5 – Backpack. In order to be able to carry all of these items above, you need a suitable backpack. We guess you already have it.

6 – Torch. Torch is old-fashioned. If you have your latest smart phone with you then its flashlight will help you during the night.

7 – Toiletries: We are talking about a four-day festival, so don’t forget to bring what you use at home.

8 – Money. Without money, Frequency will not be a complete show for you. Cash machines will be provided. Your debit and credit cards will be enough to spice up your days at Green Park.

9 – Phone charger. Since you plan to party, meet new friends, exchange numbers and accept or send friendship requests. Make sure your battery is not running low. It is always good to charge your phone before battery dies.

10 – Clothes. The weather forecasts say it is going to be sunny during Frequency 2016. However, the nights get cold. You need to pack warm clothes, socks and coats.

How do I get there?

Car: If you’re planning to use your car in order to get the Festival venue, take A1 western highway until the exit of St. Poelten South then follow the Festival signposts.

Shuttle Bus: There are Shuttle buses running from Vienna and eastern German cities to St. Poelten.,

Train: Austrian Federal Railways offers cheap return tickets to and from Festival Venue from all major Austrian cities. Festival goers can use the free shuttle bus service between the St. Poelten station and Greenpark.

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