Footage of a Turkish military vehicle blown up by Kurdish forces

July 10 Bezele attack on Turkish army

BEHDINAN (ANF) – Gerilla TV has published footage from the action on the military convoy going towards Şemdinli’s Bezelê outpost on July 10. HPG-BIM had announced 9 soldiers dead in the mentioned action by guerrillas.

An armored vehicle and the soldier conducting a road check can be seen blowing up in the footage published by Gerilla TV.

HPG-BIM had stated the following on the action:

“Our forces have conducted an action on the military convoy heading towards the Bezelê (Aktütün) outpost in Hakkari’s Şemzinan district between Sirinus and Dêrebanê villages between 11:00 and 12:00 hours on July 10. A Cobra type armored vehicle was completely destroyed in the sabotage action and 9 soldiers were killed.”