KCK: ISIS attacks in Europe encouraged by Turkey’s Islamist AKP

KCK co-chair Bese Hozat

KCK Executive Council Co-leadership has issued a written statement condemning the massacre committed in Nice, France, and pointing out the complicity between AKP and ISIS.

KCK underlined that AKP and Turkish intelligence agency MİT were involved in ISIS garnering strength in Iraq and Syria, and stated that the Kurdish freedom struggle would continue to fight the fascist gangs in the future as they have in the past.

KCK Executive Council Co-leadership statement reads:

“We have learned of the massacre of dozens of innocent people in the city of Nice, France. We would like to offer our condolences to the families of the massacred, their loved ones, the people of France and all of humanity. We condemn these inhuman fascist gangs, and believe that they will be defeated in the face of the peoples’ will for democracy and freedom and end up in the dump of history. These attacks are carried out not only against the people of France, but the whole of humanity. These murderers kill dozens of civilians in the name of religion and sect in the Middle East. Various states in a power struggle in the Middle East have supported these fascist gangs and helped them grow. The foremost among these forces is the sectarian AKP government in Turkey. The chief of AKP fascism, Tayyip Erdoğan, frequently accuses Europe of Islamophobia and thus legitimizes the crimes and attacks of these murderers. AKP government and their intelligence agency MİT are involved in ISIS garnering strength in Iraq and especially Syria. They have given all kinds of support to ISIS gangs due to their anti-Kurdish enmity and their fight against the governments of Iraq and Syria. Turkey has been turned into the logistical base and the recruit highway of ISIS fascism. As a result of AKP policies, ISIS has become the plague for the whole world, not only for the Middle Eastern peoples.”


KCK stated that AKP fascism aims to use gangs like ISIS as political instruments and eliminate their enemies in the Middle East, and thus become a political power, remarking that the AKP mind thinks “The big states use these organisations, why shouldn’t we utilize these tactics” and becomes a patron for the inhuman gangs.

The statement continues: “But when these gangs were pushed back and driven into defeat by Rojava revolutionaries, Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East, the fascist AKP government backpedaled and embraced the demagogic “decrease enemies increase friends” policy. They are leaning towards “befriending” those whom they have turned against themselves by their relationship with ISIS and their regional politics now, thus saving themselves from the political and legal consequences of their complicity with ISIS. This is why they have boosted their anti-ISIS discourse recently. But, as always, these remain at the discourse level only.”


KCK continued, asking “Won’t the world political powers and peoples call those responsible for the outcomes of the politics pursued by AKP fascism? Will these politics of AKP be ignored because of their maneuver to cover up with the demagogy of ‘increasing friends and decreasing enemies’? Won’t those who accuse France and all Europe of Islamophobia and encourage these attacks pay a price? Will the deaths of this many innocent civilians be allowed to become regular occurrences, because of economical and political relationships with Turkey? Won’t the accomplices to ISIS who committed this massacre be seen?”


KCK Executive Council Co-leadership made the following points in the statement:

“The world should know that the genocidal colonialist governments of Turkey enter into all kinds of dirty deals because of their anti-Kurdish politics; see that Turkey’s support for ISIS stems primarily from these anti-Kurdish politics; and punish the AKP government for these dirty relationships and consequences. Otherwise, they will be criminals in the face of humanity and history because they failed to stop these murders, no matter what the intentions were.

All the peoples of the world should see the AKP’s Middle East politics of the last few years and demand AKP be held accountable for these. The current prime minister has already admitted that they had been implementing a policy based on ISIS until now by stating they will leave the old policy aside to decrease their enemies. The AKP government still continue their crimes against humanity by supporting ISIS because of their enmity towards Rojava. Thus, nobody should believe AKP’s demagogic condemnation of ISIS. They make these statements to hide the complicity up to now.

The Kurdish Freedom Movement will today, as in the past, fight against all fascist gangs who are the enemies of democracy and freedom, and this fight will always be together with the democratic humanity.”