Confession of an ISIS member arrested in Antep: I worked for the Turkish MİT

Southeastern Antep province of Turkey is considered to be the hub of radical jihadists supported by Erdogan's government

ANTEP (ANF) – New evidence of Turkey’s support for ISIS continues to emerge. Ersen Çelik, code name “Ebu Musa”, had crossed over to Syria in 2012 and joined Al Nusra first, then ISIS later to become “technology journal emir”. He was detained in Antep, and in his statements in Antep Police Headquarters and later in Antep First Criminal Court on December 6, 2015 he spoke about his activities in the gangs and his relationship with intelligence agencies.

Çelik said he had come to İstanbul with the money he was given in September 2014 to buy two remote controlled scout helicopters for 50 thousand dollars. He took E. Ç. (13) with him when he returned to Syria, without consent from the child’s family. When they returned in August 2015, the little brother E. Ç. was taken to the police by their father and big brother Çelik was caught thusly in Antep.


In his statement, he said he grew up in Denizli and went to Hatay-Reyhanlı to fight the PKK in 2012, then crossed over to Syria. Çelik said he joined the Al Nusra gangs but then returned to Turkey, stayed in Adana for 6 months and later crossed to Manbij to join ISIS.

Çelik pointed out that he communicated with MİT and Ankara Anti-terror Unit while he was in the gangs, and explained his communication as such: “In this period, I wrote to Ankara Anti-terror Unit and MİT over WhatsApp. There are also phone records. I gave them all the necessary information, I am ready to give whatever more information they need to be help them.”

After confessing his ties with the Anti-terror Unit and MİT, Çelik was arrested.

Ersen Çelik, code name “Ebu Musa”, is charged with “membership to a terrorist organisation” in Antep First Criminal Court for up to 15 years in prison.