26 ISIS terrorists killed during heavy clashes in Manbij

Coalition fighter jets are scrambling Syrian jets over northern Syria as regime targets Kurdish forces on the ground

MANBIJ (ANF) – Manbij Military Council fighters have liberated most of town’s Hezawne neighborhood from ISIS jihadists as they continue to advance on the city center from the south. 26 ISIS terrorists were killed during the clashes that broke out this morning and continue to the north of Hezawne as well as Sebi Behrat neighborhood.

Manbij Military Council fighters continue to advance in Sebi Nehrat to the north of Manbij city center on the 40th day of their operation. 12 gangs were killed, 1 armored vehicle was destroyed and many gang positions were destroyed during the clashes in Sebi Behrat. The fighters continue to clear the mines in Sebi Behrat, and advance in Hezawne neighborhood.


13 ISIS gangs were killed during the clashes that took place last night near Eqil school. ISIS gangs’ failed to break the siege near the schoold despite their attacks last night.

On the other hand, Manbij Military Council fighters advance on Manbij city center from the west and have cleared the mines in and around Sheria junction. 1 gang stuck in a house was killed during the clashes here.

Warplanes of the International Coalition support the operation.