YPG: 85 ISIS terrorists killed in clashes in Haco and Sîgero villages

KOBANE (ANF) – YPG Press Office reported in a written statement that the joint attacks of Lîwaa Sultan Murad, Ahrar Al-Sham, Division 16, Lîwaa El-Fetih, Lîwa Siltan Mihemed El Fetêh, Arteşa El Mucahidîn, Suwar Al-Sham, Ahrar Suruye, Jabhat Al-Shamiye, Siqor El Cebel, Division 101, Foc Alewal, Jabhat Al Tirkmen, Battalion Ebû Emera, Arteşa Al Îslam, Kombûna Festeqim Kema Emert, Lîwa 13emîn, Division Al-Shamaliye and Battalion Nûreddîn Zenkî gangs on Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood continue.

Accordingly, gang groups attempted at an attack on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood at 03:00 on 9 July. The immediate response of YPG units resulted in a clash during which 2 gang members were killed.

YPG continued, pointing out that ISIS gangs were conducting attacks in an effort to gain morale and eliminate the pressure they are facing due to the blows they have suffered during the Manbij operation led by the Manbij Military Council and SDF combatants.

Within this scope, ISIS gangs carried out expansive attacks on Haco and Sîgero villages to the east of the Ayn Îsa town on 8 July.

YPG forces immediately responded to the attacks and repelled them by inflicting heavy blows on the gang groups. As many as 65 ISIS members were killed in the fighting in Sîgero village where 3 military vehicles and 1 panzer of the gangs were also destroyed.

Corpses of 25 gang members were seized during the mop-up operation in this area, in addition to many arms and a large quantity of ammunition belonging to them.

The gang groups targeting the Haco village were noticed and intervened by YPG units in advance, resulting in heavy clashes during which 20 gang members were killed and many other were wounded. 1 panzer, 1 drone and arms belonging to the gangs were also seized.

One YPG fighter fell fighting in Haco village and one other in Sîgero village during the repulsion of the attacks.

At around 01:00 last night, ISIS gangs carried out three separate attacks near the Mekmen village of the Shedad town. During the clashes that erupted upon YPG’s response, many gang members were killed or wounded but the exact number couldn’t be clarified.

One YPG fighter was martyred during the fighting here.

During the same day, ISIS groups deployed in Lower and Upper Jarablus attacked the Şêxler town to the southwest of Kobanê with heavy weaponry.

Concurrently, another ISIS group crossed the Euphrates in an attempt to launch another attack, but these were effectively hit by YPG fighters and forced to flee.

ISIS gangs detonated a roadside explosive near Hêmo village on Qamishlo-Amude road, which left a YPG car on fire and two YPG members inside slightly injured.

YPG continued, reporting ongoing attacks by Turkish army against Rojava land. Accordingly, Turkish military conducted concurrent attacks with heavy weaponry targeting the YPG positions in Yapsê village to the east of Kobanê and the villages of Ziyaret, Koreli and Ashme villages to the west of Kobanê on 8 July night.