YPG: ISIS attack in Hasakah repelled and 21 terrorists killed

HASAKAH (KDN) – YPG (People’s Defense Units) Press Office has announced the results of an ISIS attack on Malha village in Shadadi of Hasakah province on July 3.

According to the YPG statement, ISIS terrorists launched a fresh wave of attacks on Malha village and surroundings to the south of the Shadadi town of Hasakah at 03:00 am on July 3. Clashes that erupted upon YPG’s response lasted till 11:00 am, during which YPG fighters foiled 2 car bomb attacks of the gangs by detonating both bomb-laden cars remotely.

During the concurrent clashes, a total of 21 gang members were killed and corpses of 13 of these were seized by YPG units.