YPG: Turkish army attacked Rojava 17 times in June

YPG Spokesman Redur Xelil

KOBANE (ANF) – YPG (People’s Defense Units) has released the balance sheet of war for the month of June. Accordingly, 80 gang members were killed in 48 actions and operations, while 17 YPG fighters fell martyr. SNC affiliated gangs attacked Efrîn and Sheikh Maqsoud 27 times, and Turkish army attacked Rojava 17 times.

The balance sheet of YPG for the month of June is as follows;

Actions and operations: 48, 16 of which were conducted by YPG’s anti-terror units.

Clashes and confrontations: 48

Actions, attacks-operations and clashes-confrontations with unverified results: 3

Turkish army attacks on Rojava lands: 17

SNC gangs’ attacks on Efrîn and Sheikh Maqsoud: 27

Enemy forces killed: 80

Enemy forces wounded: 5

Enemy forces taken prisoner: 1

Destroyed arms and munitions of the enemy: 2 Dushka weapons, 2 pick-up vehicles, 1 motorbike

Seized arms and munitions of the enemy: 21 Kalashnikov rifles, 2 RPG, 10 RPG rockets, 21 clips, 7 radios, 2 motorbikes, 1 binoculars and various military materials

Martyrs: 17

YPG reported that Syrian National Coalition (SNC) groups attacked Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo and villages of Efrîn canton with mortars, hell cannons and heavy weaponry every day. These attacks caused great material damage on civilian areas in Sheikh Maqsoud, claiming the lives of 9 civilians and leaving 35 others wounded.

During the month of June, Turkish army violated the borders and attacked Rojava lands 17 times. One child from Girê Spî died and 9 civilians got wounded as a result of these attacks that also damaged the houses and workplaces of civilians in the cantons of Cizîrê, Kobanê and Efrîn.