Syrian Kurds condemn Turkey’s attack on Gire Spi

QAMISHLO (ANF) – Rojava Cantons General Coordination strongly condemned the deadly attack of Turkish soldiers targeting civilians in Heşîşa region 35 km east of Girê Spî at around 17:00 Tuesday evening which left dozens of civilians, mainly women and children, wounded.

The Coordination stressed that Turkey’s ongoing attacks on civilians in Rojava exposed the true face of the Turkish state that violated international laws and trampled on human rights.

“Turkish state claims its lands to be safe and protecting Syrian citizens. The truth, however, is the contrary as Turkey wants to commit a massacre by opening fire on civilians that flee the atrocity of the gangs. Turkish state uses the refugee card against the EU.”

The Coordination touched upon the Turkish state’s practices against the Rojava people, saying; “This is not the first time the Turkish state is attacking Rojava as Turkish border guards have continued to shoot civilians along Rojava-Bakur border for a long while. In addition, Turkish soldiers have violated the borders of Rojava, set fire to the fields and trees of the citizens. On the other hand, Turkish state has kept its borders open to the gangs in the regions held by the ISIS. Similarly, Turkish state has repeatedly attacked the Kurdish forces that are fighting against the ISIS and Al-Nusra gangs.”

Rojava Cantons General Coordination also condemned the international community’s silence on Turkish state’s attacks on Rojava lands, and called upon the international public opinion and human rights organisations to break their silence and fulfill their responsibility on refugees that were forcibly displaced due to the attacks of the gangs.