Kurdish civilians face threat of massacre in Shehba

MANBIJ (ANF) – Democratic Syria Assembly (MSD) has released a statement indicating a threat of massacre against civilians in Shehba region.

The statement by MSD said the military campaign to liberate Manbij was ongoing but the savage practices of ISIS gangs affected the progress of the operation in a negative way. MSD said gangs were targeting civilians as well.

The Political Board of Democratic Syria Assembly (MSD) put emphasis that they value the SDF’s protection of civilians and liberation of the Shehba region for the resolution of the Syrian crisis.

MSD condemned the ISIS massacre of civilians and called upon the international community and UN Security Council to provide further support to the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD).

MSD also called on relevant international organisations to act to meet the needs of civilians to be rescued through corridors under the SDF control.

Democratic Syria Assembly invited international and regional human rights organisations and NGOs to the mission of protecting civilians in the face of the threat of terrorist acts against Kurds and massacre against local residents, especially in Shehba region of Syria.