Kurdistan condemns ISIS terror attack in Orlando

KCK co-chair Bese Hozat

BEHDINAN (ANF) – KCK (Kurdistan Communities’ Union) Executive Council condemned ISIS’s terror attack in the US and offered condolences to the people of the US and the families and friends of those that were killed in Orlando.

In its statement, KCK emphasized that fascist gangs have been a menace in the Middle East through the support they receive from certain pro-state forces, and have attacked Kurdish people in order to eliminate the people’s struggle for freedom. KCK underlined the Turkish state’s use of such jihadist proxy groups as an instrument in Syria to suppress Rojava Revolution, and said that the AKP government in Turkey was responsible for the growth of ISIS in the Middle East.

The Executive Council recalled that the AKP government killed thousands of civilians in Rojava through its proxy group ISIS, and aimed to protect its power after the June 7 elections through these massacres. KCK condemned the support of Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP government to ISIS, and said that these forces were responsible for ISIS massacres in Paris, Brussels, the United States as well as Kurdistan and the Middle East. KCK said that the AKP uses ISIS as a bargaining chip with the US and Europe in its attempt to eliminate the Kurdish Freedom Movement, and another bargaining chip used in this process have been refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East.

KCK recalled Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement that ‘bombs will go off in European cities,’ and said that this statement reflects the AKP’s attempt to blackmail the US and Europe. KCK called upon European countries and the US to take a stance against the AKP’s blackmailing, and underlined that the fascist terror of ISIS would not end unless AKP is confronted.

KCK stated that the AKP government has not only been offering political and logistical support to ISIS, but also has been trying to legitimize its ideology and attacking members of different peoples, faith groups, women and other forces of democracy. KCK stated that the lack of a stern response to the AKP would be a weakness and could provide the grounds for further attacks.

Lastly, KCK condemned the massacre a fascist ISIS gang committed in Orlando, the US, and stated that the Kurdish Freedom Movement and people would continue to fight against the fascist heresy of ISIS.