Manbij Operation: Turkey-backed ISIS terrorists on the run

Tishrin Dam (ANF) – Manbij Military Assembly continues to advance towards Manbij. The fighters liberated the village of Qinne Tehtanî on the morning of the 4th day of Operation Liberate Manbij.

* As of yesterday morning, Manbij Military Assembly forces were 7 km away from Manbij town center.

* Tens of ISIS gangs were killed during the clashes that began last night and continue until this morning in the Qereqozax front. SDF forces seized the bodies of 3 gangs and 2 Kalashnikovs, and destroyed 2 car bombs before they could reach their targets.

* International coalition warplanes carried out 4 sorties against ISIS positions and killed 12 gangs.

* Manbij Military Assembly fighters liberated El Doşan village and 5 hamlets near the villages of Şana and Refîe 7 km away from Qereqozaq Bridge at 12:20.

* Manbij Military Assembly upset the plans of ISIS gangs to carry out a suicide mission with a carbomb.

* Violent clashes took place 14 km to the west of the Euphrates between Manbij Military Assembly forces and ISIS gangs.

* Manbij Military Assembly fighters inflicted a heavy blow on ISIS gangs as they advanced from Tişrîn, took control of the strategically important Til Um Serrac Hill 10 km to the west of the Euphrates, and cut the Raqqa-Manbij road around 17:30.

* Til Um Serrac is known as a well-protected area where the so-called ISIS caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi used to meet with gang commanders.

* On the night of June 4, SDF forces liberated the village of Meqaliq Hesen Axa and 50 hamlets.

* SDF forces prevented ISIS gangs’ from carrying out a car bomb attack in the Qaraqozax front.

* Manbij Military Assembly forces seized the bodies of 6 ISIS gangs and many military equipments during their sweep and search efforts between the villages of Qebir Êmo and Tuwêl.

* Manbij Military Assembly forces seized the bodies of 14 gangs and many military equipments dueing their sweep and search efforts in Um Serrac Hill.

* International coalition warplanes bombarded several ISIS positions, killed 12 gangs and destroyed 2 motorbikes used by the gangs.


Manbij Military Assembly Official Spokesperson Şerwan Derwîş stated that they were close to Manbij and the operation continued successfully in a press conference held in the village of Qişlê. Derwiş emphasized that the operation started in response to the request of locals and liberated several strategic locations during its first 4 days. Derwîş noted that their forces advanced a total of 16 km and liberated the villages of Hisen Axa, higher and lower Weqna, Til Erîş, Sikawiye, Xirbet El-Riman, Mihşiye Şêx Ebîd, Cib Şêx Ebîd, Xirbet El-Eşre and Xifiye Ebû Qelqel.

Derwîş stated that the second arm of the operation advanced from Qereqozak Bridge and liberated the villages of Um El-Serc, Qebir Îmo, Xirfan and Cose, which are known as spots frequently visited by the so-called ISIS caliphate al-Baghdadi.

Derwîş said that at least 110 gangs have been killed and the bodies of many gangs have been seized so far, and their forces were less than 7 km away from Manbij town center. Lastly, Derwîş added that forces were greeted cheerfully in the areas they liberated so far.


According to local sources, ISIS gangs are in panic and are arresting people randomly in Manbij. Gangs gave reportedly been trying to ban phones in order to isolate the town from the outside world. Most of the ISIS commanders in Manbij escaped the town with their families, and the gangs are in great fear and panic.

Manbij Military Assembly commanders state that they have seized many gang bodies and can observe that ISIS control in the region is dwindling.


Residents of the villages to the southwest and northwest of Tishreen dam that have been liberated from ISIS gangs greeted Manbij Military Assembly forces cheerfully and stated that they had been waiting for this day for a long time.


Manbij Military Assembly Deputy Co-President Ebîr Receb stated that they would end ISIS cruelty in the region together and reconstruct free Manbij soon. Ebîr Receb noted that many of their forces were young people from Manbij, and the residents of the town would set up an assembly of their own with the active participation of young people and women after the town’s liberation.