Turkish forces reportedly execute 20 Kurdish civilians in Nusaybin

MARDIN (ANF) – New allegations claim that Turkish state forces have executed 20 Kurdish civilians despite the announcement of withdrawal from the district by Kurdish forces.

According to Dicle News Agency, state forces massacred and burned nearly 20 people in between Yeni Mahalle neighborhood and the border with Qamishlo on the night of May 31. Local sources state that 4 ambulances accompanied by an armored vehicle arrived at the Yeni Mezarlık area around 22:00 on May 31 after the state forces’ announcements where they called upon YPS members to surrender. Nearly 20 people were taken off of the ambulances and divided into 3 groups. The armored vehicle and 2 civilian vehicles came near the ambulances, and one of the civilian vehicles left the scene. Local sources say that state forces shot and executed the nearly 20 people as soon as the civilian vehicle left the area.


The witness of the massacre stated that she or he saw the atrocity clearly because the headlights of one of the ambulances were on, and said that one of the officers shouted at the ambulance driver and said “Turn off the lights, are you stupid?” The witness said that state forces piled up the bodies and set them on fire, and suspected of the eyewitness’ presence because they said ‘Come inside’ and threw grenades near her or him. The witness noted that state forces in the armed vehicle kept watch at the scene until the morning, when forces in another armored vehicle arrived at the scene and burnt the remaining evidence on fire.

Local sources confirmed the account of the eyewitness regarding the state forces’ massacre.