Civilian casualties reported as Turkish army shells Kurdish town of Roboski

ROBOSKI (ANF) – The Turkish army shelled a group of people doing border trade in Roboski once again, and killed and injured several civilians.

HDP Şırnak parliamentarian Ferhat Encü stated that the Turkish army targeted a group of people doing border trade in Roboski this evening. There are reports of dead and injured civilians.

According to Dicle News Agency (DİHA), soldiers from the Gülyazı Regimental Command shelled the area in South Kurdistan where the Roboski massacre of 2011 had taken place. Several civilians died and got injured during the bombardment of the area known for its border trade.

Encü wrote on his Twitter account that the bombardment targeted the same scene where Roboski massacre had taken place. According to Encü, the bombing was conducted with howitzers, and the targeted group of civilians cannot be reached now.

Encü said one civilian has died and 5 others were wounded, including some seriously.