PYD Representative meets Russian FM Lavrov in Vienna

Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov

VIENNA (ANF) – Rojava’s PYD (Democratic Union Party) Representative in France Xalid Îsa and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Austria’s capital Vienna yesterday.

Îsa said the meeting took place upon a request from the Foreign Ministry of Russia, telling that they talked about the Kurdish people’ resolution project for the future of Syria and the essentiality of Kurdish representatives’ participation in Geneva talks in order for the achievement of a political and peaceful end to the crisis in Syria. PYD representative highlighted that PYD and the parties / institutions in solidarity do have a political project for the building of a democratic system and resolution of the ongoing crisis.

The essentiality of blocking of ISIS gangs’ Jarablus and Azaz passages, especially over Turkey, was also discussed.

According to the PYD Representative, Sergey Lavrov commented that PYD’s participation in Geneva Talks was crucial, and extended his thanks to YPG for delivering the body of Russian Commander Alexander Prohorenko to Russia late last month.