HPG: 32 Turkish soldiers killed in Oremar

BEHDINAN (ANF) – HPG Press Office provided the following information in its daily statement about the ongoing clashes and guerrilla actions in Leylak Hill and Oremar territory in the countryside of Hakkari’s Gever (Yüksekova) district.


In the evening of May 13, Turkish jets heavily shelled the Martyr Gafur hill in Oremar, which was followed by another aerial bombardment from 21:00 to 00:00 at night. Turkish soldiers who infiltrated into the hill on May 14 after the bombardment were hit by guerrillas from three directions.

8 soldiers were killed as a result of the guerrilla actions and following clashes in the first direction, 3 soldiers in the second, and 11 others in the third. One guerrilla fell a martyr during the fighting.

In the evening of May 14, two guerrillas conducted actions of self-sacrifice targeting the soldiers assembled in this area, which left many soldiers here dead. Both guerrillas fell martyr.

At 09:00 of May 15, guerrillas launched an expansive action against soldiers deployed in several locations on the hill.

Three emplacements of the Turkish troops were destroyed and 9 soldiers were killed here, while three guerrillas fell fighting. Turkish forces shelled the scene intensely to obstruct an intervention on the corpses of soldiers. Aerial bombardments alongside drone activities continued throughout the night.

HPG concluded that 32 soldiers were verified killed during the guerrilla actions and clashes in this area that lasted for two days. HPG said 7 guerrillas were martyred fighting here, adding that their ID details will be announced later.


In the afternoon of May 15, guerrillas hit the Turkish soldiers operating on Leylak Hill near the border of Hakkari’s Yüksekova district. In the wake of the guerrilla action, Turkish forces deployed on Sivri Hill bombed the Hill Sor and foothills, and Hill Doçka with mortars.

Turkish jets shelled the surroundings of Hill Diren and Hill Afat In the afternoon and evening of May 15.