HPG: 48 Turkish soldiers killed in the Revolutionary Operation in Çukurca

BEHDINAN (ANF) – HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office has announced the results of the ‘Revolutionary Operation’ in Aşutê (Çığlı) village of Hakkari’s Çukurca district.

Accordingly, at least 48 soldiers were killed here and bodies of 15 remained in the clashes area. Guerrillas downed a Cobra helicopter and seized a large quantity of ammunition belonging to Turkish soldiers.

The statement pointed out that the action by guerrillas, dedicated to Amed martyrs in the person of Azad Siser and Çekdar Amed and guerrillas martyred in Xakurkê, targeted 60 soldiers deployed on a hill near the village of Aşutê (Çığlı).

According to the HPG statement, more than 48 soldiers were killed as guerrillas seized the whole control of the hill during the clashes that lasted one hour. Bodies of 15 soldiers remained in the clashes area. HPG recalled that one Cobra type helicopter was also downed here, the footage of which was released earlier today, adding that 2 pilots in the helicopter died. A mortar and an A-4 weapon were also destroyed.

The intense activity of Turkish drones was accompanied by a heavy bombardment from 3 Cobra helicopters and 4 jets of the Turkish military.

HPG said two guerrillas fell fighting in the Revolutionary Operation and their ID details will be announced later.

The statement underlined that; “The pro-war media ruled by the Palace have made efforts to resort and hide the true results of the battle which are highlighted in the statements and footage released by our side.”