Fighting between Kurdish YPG and Syrian regime forces continues in Qamishlo

QAMISHLO (ANF) – Clashes between Syrian regime forces and Rojava Asayish (public security) continue since the former one’s attack on the city of Qamishlo earlier today. The fighting is ongoing at some regime-held locations upon the intervention of YPG (People’s Defense Units).

Paramilitary forces known as Difa Wetenî affiliated to the Ba’athist regime attacked traffic units and Asayish forces in Qamishlo around 11:00 this morning.

Clashes erupted when Asayish forces returned fire as they encircled the regime forces, as a result of which 8 regime soldiers were killed and 12 others were arrested. A bakery run by the regime was also seized.

YPG fighters also intervened the scene as clashes got heavier. While fighting continues at some locations held by regime forces, no detailed information is yet available as to the results of the clashes.