Jihadis’ passage from Turkey to Syria continues

BRUSSELS (ANF) – Russia’s Ceasefire Watch in Syria Center has announced that more than 150 gang members passed from Turkey to Syria’s Latakia region.

In a written statement on their website, Russian Defense Ministry said “According to information from local residents, a unit of more than 150 gang members has passed from Turkish territory to the northeast of the Latakia region.”

In the Ceasefire Watch’s statement, it was pointed out that the gangs had attacked Sandran, Beyt-Smayra, Kinsibba and Kermel residential units with multiple rocket launchers and mortar shells, as a result of which 1 civilian died and 4 others were wounded.

In the statement, it was said that a group of 400 gang members were attacking the regime army near Handarat and YPG positions in Aleppo’s Şêx Meqsûd neighborhood with support from tanks and armored infantry vehicles