YPS: 21 members of Turkish forces killed in Şırnak, Nusaybin and Gever

The General Coordination of YPS (Civilian Defense Units) has released a statement providing information regarding the most recent actions and clashes in Gever, Şırnak and Nusaybin. Accordingly, 21 members of Turkish forces were killed and many armored vehicles belonging to them were destroyed or damaged.

YPS pointed out that state forces are continuing their bombardments and operations against the neighborhoods protected by popular resistance.


1 JÖH (gendarmerie special operation) member was killed in a clash with YPS fighters in İsmet Paşa neighborhood of Şırnak province on March 27.

On March 28, YPS fighters hit an armored vehicle in the same neighborhood, which left the vehicle destroyed, while the number of casualties left here couldn’t be verified.

3 more JÖH members were killed in fighting in Cumhuriyet neighborhood on March 28.

On the same day, YPS units hit a group of special operation police in Dicle neighborhood. The loss inflicted on the Turkish troop couldn’t be verified though.

On March 29, youths hit and damaged a digger trying to demolish houses in İsmet Paşa neighborhood.

At least 2 members of PÖH (police special operation) were killed as they tried to infiltrate into İsmet Paşa neighborhood in the afternoon of March 29.

2 other PÖH members were killed upon the retaliation of YPS fighters to the attacks of state forces on Tatarlar neighborhood. Clashes in the area lasted for hours, during which 4 more PÖH members were killed.

1 armored vehicle and 1 tank deployed on Ziyaret hill in Dicle neighborhood were damaged and rendered unusable as a result of sabotage actions.

Refuting Turkish media reports, YPS said a village guard by the name of Abdullah Fidan was killed by not YPS fighters but PÖH members in Ömerköy neighborhood on March 23.


2 members of special operation forces were killed as a result of actions by YPS units in Koçer neighborhood of Mardin’s Nusaybin district on March 29.

State forces shelled Kanika neighborhood between 05.30 and 11.00 on March 29.

YPS units conducted a sabotage action against a Turkish military convoy on Cumhuriyet road in Kanîka neighborhood at 15:45 on March 27. Two armored vehicles were destroyed here, which left 7 members of special operation forces dead, including 1 major and 1 lieutenant. 22 members of Turkish forces were wounded.


Clashes between YPS units and state forces continue in Cumhuriyet neighborhoods since March 29. As YPS fighters are retaliating the attacks, state forces trying to enter the neighborhood are facing resistance.