Rodi Hevian: Erdogan’s Turkey is number one in exporting Islamic terrorism

Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been supporting ISIS against US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria

Turkey’s Islamist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdodan lashed out at Europeans especially Belgium for their tolerance toward the Kurds during a ceremony held in Canakale last week.

“There is no reason for the bomb, which exploded in Ankara, not to explode in Brussels, where an opportunity to show off in the heart of the city to supporters of the ‘terror’ organization is presented, or in any city in Europe. Despite this clear reality, European countries are paying no attention, as if they are dancing in a minefield. You can never know when you are stepping on a mine. But it is clear that this is an inevitable end,” Turkish dictator said in a speech he delivered in the western Canekale province March 18, referring to the Kurds protesting ongoing Turkish terror in Kurdistan and bomb attacks that killed 29 Turkish military personnel on February 17 and 35 others on March 13 in the heart of Ankara.
“You are nursing a viper in your bosom. That viper you have been nourishing can bite you at any time,” the Islamist dictator added.

Erdogan’s words were more like a direct threat to European countries rather than a friendly warning. It is also can be read as an order to his ISIS friends operating in Europe. ISIS has so far not targeted Turkey or Turks. ISIS has either attacked Kurds or has targeted foreign tourists in Turkey.

Following Erdogan’s remarks, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself among a group of Israeli tourists on historical Istiklal Street of Beyoglu district in Istanbul, killing 4 and wounding dozens. Four days later, ISIS struck Brussels International Airport and a metro station near European Parliament with a number of suicide bombers, killing more than 30 wounding around 300, realizing Erdogan’s dream he has been chasing since the collapse of the so-called peace process between his government and the Kurds.

However, this was not really what Erdogan referred to a few days earlier. He was threatening Europe with the Kurds. The dictator was expecting the Kurds, who he labels as the ‘viper’, would attack Europeans, where they are tolerated to live their culture, speak their language and run their institutions, whereas in Turkey they face oppression, destruction, torture, and killings. The dictator knows pretty well that such a thing will never ever happen. But his wishes are being fulfilled at the hands of ISIS terrorists while EU funnels money into his dictatorial ambitions and remain silent of the massacre his government commits against the Kurds in the southeast.

Turkey has been the closest ally of ISIS terror group in the Middle East. Its open border policy with the group’s controlled territory in northern Syria is the only channel that ISIS breathes freely. This is not something that this reporter claims. Turkey’s co-operation with ISIS has been documented by Human Rights Organizations, major international news outlets including CNN, BBC, RT, Russia and the US governments.

Turkey has become the fertile ground for Islamic terrorism and exporter of the new generation jihadists in the world. Those, who want to join ISIS and other jihadist groups and get training in Syria and Iraq first make their way into Turkey from Asia, Europe, Africa and America then enter Syria via its borders. They number tens of thousands according to UN figures.

Although Turkish tourism is on the brink of collapse, its economy is shrinking, and its national currency Lira is in free fall against US dollar, Turkey is the number one country in exporting Islamic terrorists into Europe and Kurdistan.

The Islamic State group has trained at least 400 hundred fighters to target Europe in deadly waves of attacks, deploying interlocking terror cells like the ones that struck Brussels and Paris with orders to choose the time, place and method for maximum chaos, European and Iraqi officials told The Associated Press, on March 23.

Turkey’s intelligence service MIT, military and police assisted the terror group against the Kurds in Kobane, Tel Abyad and Afrin. Its homegrown suicide bombers attacked Kurds in Suruc, Diyarbakir and Ankara; killed around two hundred people injured hundreds more. Besides, Turkey has been shelling Kurdish positions in northern Syria since October 2015.

Its jihadist-bound weapons were seized by its own army and police before entering Syria. Journalists who published footage of weapon transfer to Islamists in northern Syria face long-term prison sentences.
Turkey’s evil plans are not limited to exporting battle-hardened jihadists, it has also deliberately flooded Europe with Syrian refugees in order to put pressure on the EU and secure an economic deal with the union. As a result of this blackmailing, EU agreed to pay 6 billion Euros to Turkey for hosting Syrian refugees and preventing them from leaving Turkey.

On August 27, 2015, a top European diplomat told this reporter during a conference in Vienna that Turkey was behind the refugee influx into EU countries.

The leader of pro-Kurdish HDP Selahattin Demirtas voiced same concerns while meeting EU officials in Europe and was asking them not to bow down to Erdogan’s demands and his blackmailing.

King Abdullah of Jordan also accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe at a top level meeting with senior US Politicians in January, the Middle East Eye revealed the details on March 25.

According to MEE, the king said Europe’s biggest refugee crisis was not an accident, and neither was the presence of terrorists among them. “The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy and Turkey keeps on getting a slap on the hand, but they are let off the hook” he added.

Turkish PM Ahmed Davutoglu likened the deal to Turkey’s famous Kayserian fraud. People from Kayseri, a province in central Anatolia, are known for their fraud and tricking people while doing business. In simple words, Davutoglu was saying that they ripped off EU in refugee deal. Exporting refugees for free and getting 6 billion Euros in return.

Turkey’s claims that it hosts 2.6 million Syrian refugees is just as rubbish as its non-existing fight against ISIS. This number is not decreasing in anyway despite the 1.5 million refugees already arrived in Europe from Turkey. 4 thousand of them drowned in the Aegean Sea while trying to reach Greek shores. Turkish president and his government should be held accountable for the death of innocent men, women and children.

“It is clear that Turkey is deliberately exaggerating the refugee numbers but the Europeans are easily buying it,” experts told Kurdish Daily News. The real number of refugees still living in Turkey is estimated to be slightly over one million, around 250 thousand of them are settled in the temporary camps along its border with Syria the rest are spread all over Turkey.

Turkey-backed ISIS terrorists seen walking toward their target at Brussels International Airport
Turkey-backed ISIS terrorists seen walking toward their target at Brussels International Airport

Going back to Erdogan’s reference to viper, it is true that a viper bit Europeans in the heart but this viper was the one Erdogan gave birth, nurtured and sent to Europe in order to shed blood of civilized continent. Erdogan was proudly announcing following deadly Brussels bombings that one of the terrorists was arrested in Turkey last year and deported to Belgium.

Shortly after his remarks, the reality hit the headlines across the world. Erdogan was lying here. The documents, published by Dutch government, prove it.


Yes, Turkey arrested İbrahim El Bakraoui on June 11, 2015, in Gaziantep and informed Belgian authorities on June 26 on the issue. Instead of extraditing him to Belgium, Turkey sent İbrahim El Bakraoui to the Netherlands on July 14, 2015, despite demands by the Belgian government. Turkish authorities said that Bakraoui did want to be deported to the Netherlands.

The interesting point is that Turkey boarded El Bakraoui an Amsterdam-bound Pegasus Airlines flight PC671 at 10.40 am, however, it informed Dutch authorities just 26 minutes before the departure.

Turkey does not mention in its communications with Dutch government that El Bakraoui is an ISIS member nor is a possible terrorist. The document shows as if ISIS suicide bomber was a normal tourist in Turkey only lacking a valid Turkish visa to stay in the country.

Turkey-ISIS collaboration has so far caused around 200 lives in European capitals and of course, the Europeans are taking note of all this and are well aware of this dirty collaboration in the Middle East and beyond.

It is a matter of time to see what price Turkish dictator Erdogan and his government has to pay in return.

By Rodi Hevian
*Rodi Hevian is a Kurdish journalist based in Europe. He holds a B.A. in International Economics and an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Haifa International School. He specializes in Kurdish and Middle East Politics. Follow him on Twitter @rodihevian and on Facebook @Rodi Hevian