Kurdistan: DTK Extraordinary Congress kicks off in Amed

AMED (ANF) – The 1st Extraordinary Congress of Democratic Society Congress (DTK) has kicked off in the Kurdish capital of Amed.

The congress which began with one minute’s silence for all those fallen in the freedom and democracy struggle is being attended by DTK co-chairs Hatip Dicle and Selma Irmak, HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, HDK (Peoples’ Democratic Congress) co-spokesperson Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit and HDP deputies.

DTK co-chair Selma Irmak who held the opening speech started her words by remembering 3 Kurdish women killed in Silopi, and Mehmet Tunç killed in Cizre.

Irmak saluted those who have mounted resistance under all circumstances, saying; “Cizre has proved the fact that Kurds get shot in the forehead but do never submit. Kurds might be killed but their head that is held high can never be bowed down.”

Drawing attention to the extraordinary process currently ongoing, Irmak put emphasis on the need to run a more comprehensive work, review the circumstances and make the perspective of their side clear. Irmak also voiced self-criticism regarding their failure to fulfill some duties of theirs due to obstacles created outside their control.


DTK co-chair stressed that they will do whatever is necessary to ensure that Kurds be granted their rights on the basis of a democratic constitution, adding that Kurds will not give up on democratic autonomy nor live without status anymore. She pointed out that tanks and bombs will not produce a resolution to the Kurdish question but on the contrary result in more barricades and bloodshed.


Regarding the Newroz event held in Amed with the participation of tens of thousands on March 21, Irmak said Kurdish people gave two basic messages in the Newroz; “Their first message was to the state, highlighting that their will cannot be broken, and that they will not give up on their freedom and demands. The second message people gave to politicians; urging them to pave the way for democratic politics and resolution.”

DTK co-chair continued, laying emphasis on the importance of an alliance among Kurds regardless of the different thoughts they bear. Irmak warned that the Sykes-Picot Agreement would go into effect again if this alliance wasn’t formed and a new agreement was not made. She emphasised that both a success and a failure in Rojava would belong to all Kurds in other parts as well.


Inviting all Kurdistani circles to act in consideration of this truth, Irmak criticized Massoud Barzani for labelling some Kurdish circles ‘terrorist’, and pointed out that he could do his part for the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan by playing his role in this process, especially as the son of Mele Mustafa Barzani. Irmak called upon Massoud Barzani to abandon this approach of his, and warned against policies intending to create a conflict among Kurds.


Irmak pointed to Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan as the will of the Kurdish people and therewith the only interlocutor on the way to a peaceful and democratic resolution to the Kurdish question. Irmak said they agree with the KCK’s call that the Kurdish question cannot be resolved unless Öcalan is freed.

The Congress continues with the speech of DTK co-chair Hatip Dicle.