Kurdish government condemns Brussels bombings, says Kurds on forefront against terror

KRG's parliament in Erbil has been shut down by KDP since 2015

ERBIL, Kurdistan (Rudaw) – The Kurdistan Region Presidency strongly condemned the twin bombings that struck the Belgian capital Brussels on the same day in the city’s airport and a metro station leaving 34 dead and scores more wounded in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Kurdish nation understands the brutality and threats of terror very well as we are on the front-line fighting against terror,” said the KRG in the statement. “Our thoughts are with the Belgian nation.”

“We are strongly condemning these disgusting attacks which has targeted the comfort and lives of civilian people,” the statement added.

The Belgian capital Brussels went on its highest alert on Tuesday after two explosions ripped through its airports departure hall.

The KRP statement stressed that Brussels terror attacks are a wake-up call to the world.

“The Brussels attacks are a dangerous wake-up call to the world and proves that the terrorists do not know the borders and they pose threats to the whole humanity.” it added.

“Therefore, eliminating and confronting the terror is a serious multilateral and unified necessity of the world community.”