Aleppo: Turkey-backed jihadists shell Kurdish neighborhood, kill 13

DAMASCUS (KDN) – A rocket and mortar barrage struck a Kurdish-controlled neighborhood in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo on Sunday, killing a dozen civilians and wounding more than 30, the government and Kurdish YPG said.

State-run news agency SANA said the attack by “terrorists” occurred in the predominantly Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud, which has been subjected to terrorist shelling for days despite a fragile U.S. and Russian-brokered cease-fire that took effect Feb. 27.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group that monitors the Syrian conflict, said more than 70 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud and reported nine civilians killed, including four children, and 30 wounded.

Aleppo bombing of Kurdish district

The Observatory said the shells were fired by Jihadist groups, including the al-Qaida branch in Syria known as the Nusra Front. That group and its rival, the Islamic State group, are excluded from the cease-fire.

Kurdish YPG also said that Turkey-backed jihadists have been attacking Kurdish district of Aleppo since the beginning of ceasefire.