Japan imports its first cargo of Kurdish oil

ERBIL (Rudaw) – The Japan-based oil company of TonenGeneral imported the country’s first cargo of crude oil from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and delivered to its two refineries near the capital Tokyo.

“TonenGeneral imported about 1 million barrels of Kurdish oil last month, classified as ‘export blend of Iraqi origin’ in data from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI),” Reuters cited a well-informed source without raveling further details.

The cargo that was imported in January was delivered to “refineries in Kawasaki and Chiba, both of them near Tokyo,”

The Reuters report says that Japanese Ministry of Economy classifies the oil as “export blend of Iraqi origin”

The Kurdish government has exported its oil independently to the world market for more than a year to help its budget shortfall caused by the central government in Iraq since February 2014.