Join Macer Gifford’s campaign to save lives in Rojava

YPG's British volunteer Macer Gifford with Kurdish kids in Kobane

KOBANE (KDN) – YPG’s British volunteer Macer Gifford has just started a fund raising campaign for medical packs for wounded people of Rojava.

In a video message, Gifford is calling on friends of the Kurds to join the campaign and support his work in Rojava.
The aim of Gifford’s campaign is to provide better medical treatment to wounded civilians and fighters and save lives of those fighting Turkey-backed ISIS terrorists.

To donate for this important mission please go to:

The Campaign in Gifford’s Words:

My name is Macer Gifford.

I’m a British volunteer that has faced the Islamic State and campaigned for the Kurds for over a year.

The money I’m raising now is for medical packs for innocent people that have been wounded. It will also be spent on aiding people in Kobani. I have been able to achieve so much recently and want to do more. With the support of friends around the world, change can come to Rojava.

Where ISIS brings despair let the volunteers bring hope!