Turkey behind ISIS attack on Kurdish town of Tal Abyad: YPG spokesman

TAL ABYAD (KDN) – Turkey-backed Islamic State terrorists with the help of Turkish army attacked the town of Tel Abyad controlled by Kurdish YPG forces at the Turkish border as well as the nearby town of Suluk on Saturday, YPG spokesman Redur Xelil told Reuters.

Kurdish security forces were able to “crush this attack and encircle the attackers,” Xelil said. “The Turkey-backed terrorists were eliminated,” Kurdish commander said.

The US-backed Kurdish forces captured Tel Abyad from IS last year.

Xelil said some of the attackers on Saturday infiltrated from the Turkish border to the north, reiterating accusations that Turkey was supporting the group.
Other attackers infiltrated from the south, Xelil said. He said dozens of Islamic State fighters had been killed.

The U.S.-led international coalition conducted a number of air strikes on Saturday to destroy Turkey-backed Islamic State terrorists who entered from Turkey into the town of Tel Abyad on the Turkish border, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement.

It said at least 45 Islamic State militants and 20 Kurdish militia fighters had been killed in the ongoing attack.

In the meanwhile, a YPG commander told Kurdish ANHA News Agency that the clean-up operation continues around Tal Abyad and Suluk towns and promised that none of the terrorists will be able escape.

Around 4.30 pm local time YPG Media Center confirmed the total elimination of all terrorists entered from Turkey.