Breaking: ISIS terrorists attack Kurdish town of Tal Abyad from Turkey

TAL ABYAD (KDN) – Turkey-backed ISIS terrorists attacked Kurdish town of Tal Abyad from Turkey in northern Syria last night. Heavy clashes are going on between terrorists who use Turkish territory along the Tal Abyad border and Kurdish YPG forces on many fronts, YPG media center said.

In a statement, Kurdish YPG said that following the liberation of Shaddadi from ISIS, Turkey-backed terror group attacked our positions located in the south and northeast of Tal Abyad on February 26 around 23pm local time. The group that used Turkish territory targeted city center of Tel Abyad and surrounding villages. The second group came from northern Raqqa and attacked villages located in the south of Siluk and east of Ayn Isa.

“Our forces responded immediately and heavy clashes are going on 15 different locations. We want to make sure that these terror attacks will also be repelled and terror group will be annihilated.” YPG statement said.