Turkish-ISIS terror army continues to attack Kurds in Northern Syria

Turkish bombing causes casualties and destruction of civilian property

AFRIN (ANF) – The Turkish army’s attacks targeting Rojava, which began on October 24, 2015, have intensified since February 13, 2016.

Erdoğan, the AKP government and the Turkish army are desperate for protecting their proxy gangs, and bombarded Efrîn once again.

10 artillery bombs landed in the Şadiya village of Efrîn’s Reco district during the bombardment that began around 18:15 yesterday evening.

After the bombardment of Şadiya, the Turkish army bombarded the Qestel Cindo, Dîkmedaş and Baflûnê villages of Efrîn’s Şera district around 20:55 last night. At least 20 artillery bombs hit these villages and caused major explosions.

Lastly, a Turkish army drone flew over the Bilîlko village and Qerebêlê hills of Efrîn’s Reco district, and returned to Turkey yesterday.