SDF forces take control of the road between Shaddadi and Sinjar

Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces cut off ISIS supply routes from Raqqa to Mosul on February 17, 2016

SINJAR (ANF) – Fighters of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are continuing their mop-up operations in the villages of Shaddadi town, liberated from ISIS 4 days ago.

ISIS members hidden in a village school were noticed by SDF combatants, upon which a clash erupted in the area. 2 gang members were killed and ammunition belonging to them were seized in the offensive.

SDF combatants also took control of the road between the towns of Shaddadi and Shengal last night.

At around 6 am this morning, gang groups made an attempt to attack the SDF emplacements between Shaddadi and the village of Mercan. 4 gang members were killed in clashes that broke out upon an immediate response by SDF fighters.

On the other hand, corpses of 33 gang members were found during mop-up operations ongoing in 11 villages recently cleansed of ISIS groups.

In the meantime, ISIS gangs conducted another attack around Tishrin Dam to the south of Kobanê last night. The aggression which targeted the village of Al-Sadiyîn to the southwest of the dam at 22:00 was strongly responded by SDF units. Dozens of gang members were reportedly killed here.