An unidentified jet targeted Kurdish positions in Hasakah province on February 19

HASAKAH (ANF) – The General Command of YPG (People’s Defense Units) has reported that their emplacements to the east of Hesekê were bombed by an unidentified jet on February 19.

According to the statement, the YPG emplacements in the area of Hekil Tişrîn were attacked by an unidentified military jet at around 09:30 of 19th February.

While the jet continued flying over the mentioned area for half an hour, it hit the YPG emplacements firstly with hand grenades then with bullets, which left 3 YPG fighters dead and 2 others wounded.

A committee of investigation formed after the incident continues its analysis of the unexploded hand grenades fired by the jet in order to find out to which state the jet belongs. YPG said they knew that the jet was not affiliated to the international coalition formed against ISIS.

YPG stressed that they will treat the attack as a hostile approach and adopt a stance accordingly.

Meanwhile, a source on the ground told Kurdish Daily News that the jet which dropped bombs on Kurdish positions was either one of Saudi jets used by Turks or one of Syrian regime jets.