TAK claims responsibility for Ankara attack that targeted Turkish military

ANKARA (ANF) – Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (also known as the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, Teyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan, or TAK) has released a statement claiming responsibility for the action against Turkish army convoy in capital city Ankara.

TAK said the action that resulted with hundreds of dead members of the Turkish Army was conducted to avenge the defenseless and wounded civilians brutally massacred in basements in Cizre. “Everyone should know that those who ordered the massacre of civilians were responsible for the Ankara incident”, it underlined. The statement also recalled TAK’s previously highlighted statement that they would avenge every Kurdish person victimized by attacks.

Calling attention to the most barbaric and immoral attacks suffered by the Kurdistan people in their history today, TAK said silence on this crime against humanity meant complicity to this atrocity.

TAK said the action was carried out by Abdulbaki Sönmez (ZINAR RAPERİN), born in Van’s Gürpınar district in 1989, who has taken part in the Kurdish freedom struggle since 2005, and in the ranks of TAK since 2011. Raperin was a combatant of the Immortals’ Battalion.

TAK reiterated loyalty to the memory of their fallen comrade, and vowed to continue enhancing the struggle everywhere until occupant fascist forces are expelled from Kurdistan.