15 Turkish soldiers killed in clashes with Kurdish forces

Turkish forces burned around 150 Kurds alive while hiding in a basement.

AMED (ANF) – General Coordination of Civilian Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Sivîl, YPS) has released a statement providing details regarding the ongoing confrontation with Turkish state forces.

YPS stressed that the resistance by their side endures ceaselessly in response to the all-out attacks conducted by forces of the AKP government against the areas of self-rule.

According to the statement, one lieutenant and at least 14 members of Turkish security forces were killed as a result of effective actions conducted by YPS, while 2 armored police vehicles and 1 digger were also destroyed.


An action by YPS units targeted an armored police vehicle in Cumhuriyet neighborhood of Şırnak province at 21:45 of February 9, which left the vehicle completely destroyed and 4 special operation police inside dead. One Mobesa camera pole at Ömer Kabak Square of Cumhuriyet neighborhood was also destroyed during the same hours.

Remarking that state forces have fired randomly on Yeni and Turgut Özal neighborhoods of Şırnak during the past three days, YPS said their units hit a police vehicle at 05:00 in the morning of Feb. 10, which left one policeman dead.


In the evening hours of February 10, special operation police murdered a youth by the name of Osman Alıcı in Esentepe neighborhood of Hakkari’s Gever district. YPS strongly responded to the attacks and forced Turkish units to retreat, who damaged as many as 15 civilian cars while leaving the area.

Turkish forces at Efeler Battalion have targeted Kışla, Orman, Esentepe, Mezarlık, Güngör and Cumhuriyet neighborhoods with mortar fire from 20:00 the same evening till 09:15 this morning.

Heavy clashes took place between YPS and state forces in Esentepe, Güngör, Cumhuriyet, Mezarlık and Kışla neighborhoods from morning till the evening of February 11. YPS conducted an action against an armored police vehicle, details of which will be announced later.


In the afternoon of the same day, YPS units hit Turkish troops that attempted to infiltrate into the areas of self-rule from Sabuncu Street of Amed’s Sur district. 3 members of Turkish forces were killed here.

At 16:00 in the afternoon, YPS units targeted another Turkish troop attempting an infiltration from the area of Foor-Footed Minaret, as a result of which 1 lieutenant and 2 other soldiers were shot dead.

YPS members also hit a digger opening a road near Karadeniz Street, and destroyed 3 Mobesa camera poles between Gündoğdu and Vakıfkent neighborhoods.

Another action by YPS units targeted a Turkish unit that attempted to infiltrate into neighborhoods from the area of Foor-Footed Minaret in the morning of February 11, which left 2 Turkish security members dead.


Two special operation police were killed in an action conducted by YPS units near the bus terminal in Mardin’s Nusaybin district at 15:30 afternoon of February 10.

YPS ended its statement by calling upon Kurdish youths to join the ranks of resistance against the fascist and dictatorial Turkish regime that burned dozens of people to death in Cizre.