College campuses, women and sexual assault: Til it happens to you by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s new video clip is generating serious buzz and for good reason. It’s a raw take on an issue that one in five college women will face this year: sexual assault.

The video opens with a warning that it can get graphic and we’re giving you the same one before you hit “Play.” Gaga with the crew behind The Hunting Ground, a documentary about college rape, don’t shy away from the reality of sexual assault on campus. A piece of the proceeds from the single are going to organizations that support sexual assault survivors.

Lady Gaga wants to empower sexual assault survivors to support each other with the new release. Right now only six percent of campus sexual assault survivors are reporting what’s happened to them, a number down from nearly double that last year. “‘Til It Happens To You” is meant to build solidarity among survivors and a unified strength Gaga hopes will change these startling stats:

There’s talk that this might be the most important music video we’ll see this year. It features a host of familiar faces including Nikki Reed, one of the girls writing music. With so many college women facing the reality of sexual assault, Lady Gaga’s bold statement on the issue might just prove a key spark we need to change the hard-to-stomach 1 in 5 statistic at America’s colleges and universities.

Source: RYOT