Slovenia joins war on ISIS by supporting Kurdish troops

Defense Minister of Slovenia Andreja Katic Foto: Ziga Zivulovic jr./BOBO

ERBIL (ARA NEWS) – The Slovenian Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday that it will offer military equipment and training to the Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Slovenia emphasized its support to the U.S.-led coalition in the war on the Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group.

Defense Minister Andreja Katic said in a statement on Wednesday that her country will offer military support to the Kurds who are combatting ISIS jihadis on ground in northern Iraq.

Katic added that Slovenia will also offer up to 15 military instructors to the U.S.-led international coalition as a support to counter-terrorism efforts.

She said that the Slovenian military instructors would start training Kurdish soldiers in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan “probably in the second half of the year”.

This is the first time that Slovenia takes action in the war on ISIS.

“Slovenia will take part in solving the main global challenges,” Katic told a news conference. “Preventative action at home against such complex, cross border threats is no longer sufficient.”

The Slovenian military equipment to be offered to the Kurdish forces is worth 650,000 euros ($710,000), according to the Defense Minister.

By Eyaz Ciziri