Three Kurdish civilians killed by Turkish soldiers in Bashiqa, Mosul

MOSUL (ANF) – Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Mosul executive Xeyas Surçi told Rojnews Agency that Turkish soldiers bombed the Shabak village of Fazıliyê in Bashiqa region of Mosul city.

Surçi stated that the artillery attack by Turkish forces killed three Kurdish civilians from the same family, and left many others wounded.

Turkey’s soldiers based in Bashiqa camp near Mosul has become a major dispute between Iraqi government and Turkey. Turkey claimed it deployed its forces to the region upon an invitation fro Sunni tribes of the region, however, Iraqi government did not give permission and asked Turkey on many occasion to withdraw its forces. Following threats from Baghdad, Turkey pulled out some its forces but not all. The issue has not been yet resolved.