YPG: We will no more remain silent on Turkey’s violation of Rojava border

QAMISHLO (ANF) – The General Command of People’s Defense Forces (YPG) has released a statement reporting ongoing violations and attacks by the Turkish state against the border of Rojava, West Kurdistan.

Recalling the previous attacks conducted by Turkish military against the Rojava lands and positions of YPG forces at the borderline, the statement pointed out that these attacks and violations continued particularly during a process in search of a resolution to the conflict in Syria.

YPG also reminded of the latest border violation of Turkish troops in the village of Sermisax, 13 km west of Rojava’s Derik city and 13 km north of Girkê Legê town, on 28-29 January, saying; “Turkish soldiers also fired at the local people who gathered near the border to protest the attack on 30 January. The attack, fortunately, didn’t result in casualties.”

YPG stressed that they will no more remain silent on these clearly provocative attacks by the Turkish military, adding; “In the event of a violation of the Rojava border by the Turkish state and its military forces, we will defend our land and people. In such a case, the administration of the Turkish state will be fully responsible.”