Who will participate in new Syria peace talks in Geneva?

GENEVA (ANF) – According to information obtained by ANF from reliable sources, Geneva 3 Conference has been postponed for a few days due to some unresolved problems and Turkish state’s ongoing efforts to hinder the participation of Kurds.

The Conference to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria is expected to take place on 28 January. Sources speaking to ANF reported that 3 delegations will participate in the meeting.


Accordingly, the first delegation determined by Turkey and Saudi Arabia consists of 18 people. The delegation will also involve “Kurdish members” Hekim Beşdar and Fuat Aliko, reportedly upon a request by KDP President Masoud Barzani.


The second delegation, on the other hand, will be made up of Democratic Syria Assembly Co-Presidents Îlham Ehmed and Heysem Mena, PYD (Democratic Union Party) Co-Chair Saleh Moslem, as well as Kadri Cemil and another person on behalf of independent individuals.

Reports say that the Turkish state continues to make efforts to obstruct the participation of PYD and Democratic Syria Assembly in the conference.