ANHA: Turkish army has entered Jarablus

KOBANE (ANF) – Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) has reported that Turkish troops have entered Syrian territory through Jarablus border crossing Tuesday evening.

According to the ANHA report which is grounded on local sources, the Turkish force of military vehicles and heavy equipment accompanied a mine detection and removal device. After crossing the border, Turkish soldiers moved westwards within the Syrian territory.

Sources reported that ISIS gangs in the area were all unresponsive to the activity of Turkish soldiers, and just watched them as they moved.

According to another unconfirmed report,a Turkish troop of thousand soldiers has now been deployed on Syrian land close to the border.

Turkish army fired mortars at a school in Turkish town of Kilis from the Syrian side of the border yesterday and killed one of schools cleaning staff.

Sources said that by doing this Turkey wanted to prepare ground for an incursion into Kurdish town of Jarablus in northern Syria.