Sinam Mohamad: We are defending the women of the world

VIENNA (KDN) – Speaking at the United Nations 2016 annual conference in Vienna, Sinam Mohamad, the European representative of the Kurdish Rojava administration in northern Syria, said that the fight Kurdish women carry out against ISIS is a fight to defend the free women of the world.

Organized by Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) with the sponsorship of UN bodies, IAEA and Austrian Foreign Ministry, the 2016 UN Conference on the “New Approaches for a Peaceful and More Sustainable World” took place in Vienna from 13-15 of January and brought together hundreds of diplomats, UN representatives, experts and students from around the world.

Sinam Mohamad, who was officially invited as the European representative of the Kurdish Democratic Self-Rule Administration of Rojava in northern Syria, shared Kurdish experiences in the region with the audience.

Mohamad along with the Director of International Relations of Association of Austrian Peacekeepers and former Head of UN Vienna Office Information Center Nasra Hassan, Director and Chief of Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) Pericles Gasparini, UNIDO Gender Coordinator Hedda Oehlberger-Femundsenden, Director of Programs of Small Arms Survey Anna Alvazzi and the Canadian diplomat and Director of ACUNS Alistair Edgar discussed “Women, Peace and Security” on January 14.


Speaking on the Role of Kurdish Women in Rojava, Mohamad said that the struggle of Kurdish women is not limited to the military duties. They are involved in all areas of social and political life.

“It is true that the Kurdish women in Rojava conduct an intense fight against ISIS terrorist in Syria along with their male comrades but our women do also political and diplomatic work for their nation as well.” she said. Showing some powerful images of women units and their diplomatic and political work around the world.


“We are advocating a pluralistic political system in Rojava which includes all ethnic and religious groups living in the areas controlled by the Kurds. We ended the dominant role of men and empowered the women throughout the region. All our organizations and institutions are led by one female and one man which we call it co-chair system.
The world is used to call Mr. President but we say why not Mrs or Miss President? Because we are for an equal distribution of power between men and women. From now on people will call both Mrs and Mr Presidents.”

A true revolution must first liberate the women. If the revolution cannot liberate the women then it is not a real revolution.” Mohamad added.

Giving the massacre of Kurdish Yazidis at the hand of ISIS as an example, Mohamad said, “We believe women have to be able to defend and protect themselves even without needing men. The case of Sinjar where thousands of Kurdish Yazidi women fell victim to ISIS barbarity proved us right. Desperate women waited for men to rescue them but the men were the first who fled the ISIS.”

Therefore, the fight of Kurdish women against ISIS and other extremist terrorist groups is a fight for the women of the world. It is a fight that Kurdish women conduct on behalf of all women” she said.