Autopsy report confirms three Kurdish women were executed by Turkish forces

Kurds protest the killing of three Kurdish women and Turkish terror across Kurdistan

SIRNAK (ANF) – An autopsy was performed on the bodies of three Kurdish woman politicians DBP Assembly member Sêvê Demir, Silopi People’s Assembly co-chair Pakize Nayır and KJA activist Fatma Uyar and one youth near them who were killed by state forces in Şırnak’s Silopi district the day before.

The report of the autopsy at Şırnak State Hospital today has revealed that all the four people had been shot by multiple bullets.

Report on Sêvê Demir’s death reveals that she was shot by 11 bullets of 5x3cm, 2×1.5 cm and 2×1 cm size. Accordingly, front part of Demir’s skull disintegrated, her nasal bone and covering skin was divided into two, her headroom became visible”.

The expert opinion in the report says wide loss of tissue in the skull doesn’t allow it to be specified whether the damages were caused by gun bullets or an explosive ammunition, nor could the range of shots be determined.

The report for Fatma Uyar didn’t specify the number of bullets that hit her body as “there is an unidentifiable number of bullet holes on the corpse. Three bullets were removed from the corpse, in addition to two metal pieces.”

The autopsy report reveals that the bullets that hit Uyar in the head were fired from long distance, while the range of other bullets that hit her body couldn’t be clarified, for which a further examination on clothes is needed. Cause of Uyar’s death was designated to be “injury by multiple bullet shots”.

According to the autopsy report, Pakize Nayır’s body was hit by 5 bullets lethally.

The other slain civilian, who is a man but couldn’t be identified yet due to a heavy disintegration of his body, was shot by 8 bullets, and 3 highly deformed metal objects were found in the body.