3 more Kurdish civilians killed by Turkish forces in Cizre

SIRNAK (ANF) – As the state of siege has entered its tenth day in Şırnak’s Cizre district, state forces with thousands of soldiers and police continue attacking the areas of self-rule. Unable to enter the neighborhoods where people resist and take no step back, state forces continue murdering civilians by shooting people from armored vehicles patrolling on streets.

While Dikran Sayaca, father of 5, lost his life as a result of gunfire by special operation police in Sur neighborhood, Azime Aşan (50) died after her house in Nur neighborhood was hit by a cannon shell today.

People managed to take the bodies of two civilians to Cizre State Hospital’s morgue only by waving a white flag as they carried them to an ambulance outside the curfew area.

55-year-old Adile Karaduman was also shot dead by special operation police at the door of her house in Cudi neighborhood. The woman’s body reportedly remains on the street due to ongoing fire and denial of an ambulance access to the scene.