Turkish police attack Kurdish protesters in Amed, İstanbul and İzmir

AMED (ANF) – As the heavy onslaught by state forces continues expanding across the Kurdish region, people who take to the streets to protest the state terror are also targeted by severe repression by police forces.


Hundreds gathered in the main Kurdish city Amed today afternoon for a demo led by DBP-HDP against the siege in the central Sur district which continues in its 19th day, claiming more civilian lives every day.

“Resistance of Sur will triumph over the war of the Palace” read a huge banner held by demonstrators who were joined by HDP deputies Nursel Aydoğan, Çağlar Demirel and Sibel Yiğitalp.

Surrounded by a number of armored vehicles and special operation teams, demonstrators staged sit-in before starting a march to the central Bağlar district during which they were joined by more people. Police forces attacked the people when they arrived Sakarya Street, to which youths responded with self-resistance and by setting up barricades. Resistance in the area continues.


Masses also gathered outside Galatasaray High School in Istanbul to protest the growing state aggression in North Kurdistan.

The demo led by Istanbul Labor and Democracy Coordination wasn’t allowed by police either. Demonstrators were targeted with water cannons and live ammunition, upon which youths started to mount resistance in Hacıahmet neighborhood and Karaköy area.

While clashes are going on in side streets, at least 8 people have been taken into custody.


Police forces also attacked the people who gathered at Konak Square in the western province of İzmir to protest the state terror in the Kurdish region and demand freedom for Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Clashes that erupted upon a response to the police attack are going on.