KCK: ISIS perpetrates massacres with support of Turkey

BEHDINAN (ANF) – KCK (Kurdistan Communities’ Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about the triple bomb attacks perpetrated by ISIS against civilians in Til Temir city of Rojava yesterday, which left 25 people dead and 122 others wounded.

Offering condolences to the families of victims and peoples of Rojava, KCK said the mass killing has been been perpetrated by ISIS which is supported by the Turkish state and its allies in the region.

“The conscience of humanity will not be in peace unless the forces supporting ISIS and its massacres are tried. Those behind ISIS are as guilty as ISIS itself which has become the greatest crime organisation targeting humanity”, KCK said.


The statement stressed that there are two alliances in the Middle East today; one being the resistance for humanity that unitsd around Rojava Revolution, and the other of the enemies of humanity that unite around ISIS.

“Rojava Revolution represents democratization for Syria and the Middle East, while ISIS and its allies represent despotism for Syria, Iraq and the Middle East. ISIS came forward in the Middle East as an actor backed by those that want to overcome the political crisis in the region by rendering themselves a main force. ISIS came out as a player of the plan by external forces, but it turned into a monster that could even target these forces themselves as the political crisis and social problems get heavier in the Middle East. ISIS is backed by many circles but Turkey has been the one to provide the greatest support. Those familiar with Turkish state’s enmity towards Kurds can understand very well why Turkey supports ISIS.”

Remarking that Rojava Revolution, on the other hand, has given the greatest struggle against ISIS, KCK said; “It is essentially the Turkish state that makes ISIS attack Rojava Revolution. It is the policies of the Turkish state that keep ISIS standing in Syria and Iraq today. The AKP government now places its hope on creating a Shiite-Sunni axis after seeing the fact that it will entirely lose in the Middle East. AKP is doing this to sustain its ruling, which is why it serves as the major leader of the policy that keeps ISIS standing.”


The statements by KCK also stressed that the AKP government sees the Rojava Revolution and PKK as the greatest obstacle to its policies on the Middle East, and therefore makes ISIS attack Rojava Revolution as well as Bakurê (North) Kurdistan and democracy forces in Turkey.

Describing Ankara bombing and Til Temir massacre as a consequence of the same policy, KCK noted that ISIS mainly attacks the forces targeted by the Turkish state, and the alliance formed around Rojava Revolution. “ISIS is engaged in no single action against the AKP government or its policies. It has already come to light whom ISIS targets and whom it doesn’t.”


KCK pointed out that the Turkish state continues its attacks and makes a huge effort to throttle the Rojava Revolution, noting that this is why ISIS has attacked Til Temir now as the revolutionaries of Rojava and Syrian forces have proved the only force capable of ending the ISIS.

According to KCK, Turkish state conducts every kind of attacks to hinder the developments and achievements in Rojava and Syria such as the recent formation of Syrian Democratic Forces and establishment of the Democratic Syria Federation Assembly.


KCK stated that ISIS is perpetrating massacres in Rojava and across the region with Turkish state support, and called upon all international powers, democratic powers in the region and those forming a coalition against ISIS to see the Turkish state’s malignant role in the Middle East.

“These forces should see the fact that Turkish state is the main force behind the ISIS groups that have become fascist gangs whose attacks and massacres target peoples, democracy forces and all humanity. The Turkish state blackmails the whole world and bargains by making ISIS attack these communities. Turkey doesn’t only support and foster ISIS, but also tries to market ISIS over the fear it spreads. The world history has never witnessed such a dirty relation and policy.”

KCK pointed out that the dirtiest and ugliest blackmail of the human history is being perpetrated by the AKP government against the entire world.

“The only way to hinder massacres by ISIS is to adopt a stance against the Turkish state. International forces shall either surrender to the Turkish state’s blackmail, or adopt a counter stance and support Syrian Democratic Forces to defeat ISIS and its supporters. These attacks are actually perpetrated by ISIS and Turkey to overcome their present weak position. Should a committed fight be given against ISIS and a stance be adopted against AKP’s policies, both ISIS and AKP policies will be collapsed.”


KCK emphasised that Turkish state’s backing of ISIS while it is on the other hand engaged in policies to sell it out, manifests that both the Turkish state and ISIS are living their weakest time.

“The Turkish state and ISIS are trying to save themselves by conducting these attacks. Yet, both will be defeated thanks to the struggle of democracy forces, and both will be brought to account for the massacres they perpetrated.